If staring at the same old painted walls is getting to be a bit of a bore, vintage fabric can make terrific and temporary wall coverings. Whether you have an apartment or bungalow, vintage fabric can add texture and pizzaz to any size room. Plus you don't have to cover all 4 walls - just one will still make an eye popping statement. 

Check out the two posts below for how to cover walls using fabric. If this seems  too time consuming or messy for your liking - you can still use a staple gun to get the same effect - but you will need a partner to help smooth out and hold the fabric in place - and be sure to line up the pattern for a seamless look.

Looking for a Bohemian tribal vibe?  I've got some great vintage printed batiks. Want a Trader Vic's vibe for your Tiki bar?  Check out my prints in the Hawaiian Section. Going for the 80s deco look? I've got that too.

Can't find what your looking for? Contact me for help.

Happy decorating !