A wonderful benefit to being a fabric lover is discovering the Cultural and Historical architectural and decorative influences often found in modern day ornamental printed textiles.

I recently discovered the work of Owen Jones - a British architect and designer - who collected designs from Europe and the Middle East -- truly a man after my own heart!  Too bad he lived from 1809 to 1874 - but thank goodness he left is discoveries documents in the book, The Grammar of Ornament.

Owens' identifications of European and Middle Eastern designs is helping me define and understanding their influences in many printed textiles in my shop.  I seem to be drawn to Persian influenced ornamentals of upholstery weight prints as I have several available for sale in my etsy shop:  Here are a few of the links.




Egyptian influenced ornamentals are also amazing and the picture on this post shows one of my favorite prints by sa sheeting type weight cotton produced in 1992 by Betsey LaMonte. It sold ans is no loner available.

Fabric hunting brings me so much joy. Fabrics are truly an art form!

I hope something in my shop can become a treasure in your home.