Even before you sling off the covers or gulp that first coffee, you've probably already asked yourself, "What am I going to wear today?"  My advice? Follow Oscar Wilde's advice "One should either be a work of art or wear a work of art" and the later starts with the fabric.

As owner of SewLaVieFabrics, I am constantly searching for yardage that meets my standard of quality so that you can create a long lasting, bespoke garment. Think of your body as the canvas and the fabric weave and print as the medium.  And be yourself. Wear what makes you happy and what would stop the Oscar Wilde's of the world in their tracks.

Finding amazing vintage fabric when there is a sea of mass produced cheap cottons readily available is not an easy task.  It is truly a labor of love. Hours are spent hunting for unique prints no longer available and that you can't find in the local big box fabric shop. Most of my inventory is from seamstresses, quilters and designers who have retired and are destashing or downsizing. Whether natural fibers or durable synthetics, all items are sustainable sourced and suited for quilting, costumes or daily wear or interiors. 

Inventory is constantly changing with new items added everyday. Contact me if you are looking for something in particular. SewLaVieFabrics on etsy or follow me on IG.